About Us

Welcome to Wyvern Wax , your Welsh one stop shop for highly fragranced wax melts and other fragrance products.

 Based in Powys, Wales we are family run business who are fully insured and CLP compliant. (CLP details found on the fragrance pages)

 Wyvern Wax offer a fantastic range of handmade & hand poured Wax melts and home fragrance products available in a selection of amazing fragrances.


Being based in Powys, Wales, we have a strong link with dragons.

A Wyvern is a legendary dragon with a tail often ending in a diamond shaped tip. Believed to be the symbol of power and strength, this is echoed in the strength of our fragranced products which are long lasting and natural.


More about the Wyvern:

Thought to be the origin of the red dragon of Wales and the golden dragon of the Kingdom of Wessex carried at the Battle of Burford in AD 752.

The depiction of dragons representing Wales goes back centuries from depicting Merlin's prophecy of the red dragon of Wales beating the white Anglo-Saxon dragon. They are seen to have two legs rather than the modern four legs that the current Welsh dragon possesses.

Since the 4th century, Welsh Kings and princes have carried with them this depiction of a dragon, each ruler changing its appearance from a Wyvern to a four-legged dragon.

 All our Wax products are handmade in the UK using our uniquely blended 100% natural soy wax or a coconut and rapeseed blend. We use the highest quality fragrance oils and special wax dyes and mica powders.

Wyvern Wax products are cruelty free & vegan friendly!